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About us


About us 

In 2013 born etwow.net an online website where you can find the full range of E-twow electric scooters. From the first moment, we bet on the online channel as our main business path.

We are official distributors of the brand.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the user with a positive experience in the purchase of e-twow electric scooters and their accessories through the web platform, which is characterized by its speed and reliability.

Always focusing on the customer, we make the shipments in less than 48 hours, we offer personalized attention, which keeps us close to the end user, solving doubts and advising through email, telephone or WhatsApp, guaranteeing the quality of the product .We also have a specialized technical service with the best professionals.

We have several distribution warehouses where we have a showroom space, where you can see the different models of e-twow and try them if you want.

Why buy on www.etwow.net


1. Because we are the brand’s dealers.

2. We have any type of accessories, components and spare parts.

3. We offer free delivery within 24/48 hours in Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

4. We are committed to replying any queries in less than 24 hours.

5. Our technical support is available in our stores for both, advice and any possible repairs.

6. Warranties are quickly dealt with, with no charge for dispatch, so any incidents are free from extra costs.

7. Real stock in several stores to deal with your orders in the shortest possible time. For a fast service, a high percentage of our goods are in stock. Unlike what happens in many shops, when the “in stock” warning is shown, we really mean that the relevant good is in our main store.

8. Our customer service department ensures a fast and efficient reaction in any circumstances. All our goods are covered by a 2 year minimum warranty, apart from consumables parts (batteries, tyres...etc.) whose warranty is 1 year. We also help you clarify any queries about any product. Any faulty goods under warranty will be cost free repaired or replaced.

Garantía e-twow


Why buy from an official dealer

Many multi product web sites or pages that are selling electric scooters under the E-twow name from outside the European Union are not original in most cases, so they have no technical or spare parts service. It is of paramount importance to make sure that the product you are acquiring is original and that the company selling it has a technical and warranty service.    

About the E-twow range

E-TWOW is the lightest, most eco-friendly, practical and powerful ELECTRIC, FOLDING SCOOTER in the marketplace, readily usable, having a dynamic, minimalist design.

Because of advanced engineering techniques it has been possible to create a dynamic design (comprising the space from the foot platform to the ground, 200 mm. tyres, adjustable handlebar height and complete folding system). 

Avant-garde technology features have also been added, comprising systems such as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), regenerating  braking system, magnetic braking function and autopilot. Its energy consumption is just 6.15 W h / km. (with LED light on) according to calculations at 20 km/h., autopilot function activated, wind speed lower than 10 km/h, withstanding a 75 kg. load.

The whole E-TWOW ELECTRIC SCOOTERS range is an excellent confirmation of the great job carried out by engineers, designers and the rest of the E-Twow team, which shows how the company has adapted to the challenges posed by nowadays mobility changes, thus leading aspects such as quality and efficiency in our products.  



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