BOOSTER S2 PLUS, KM 0 coming from fair with less than 50 km

BOOSTER S2 PLUS, KM 0 coming from fair with less than 50 km

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Our KM 0 scooters, come from fairs or tests, with less than 50 km, revised and guaranteed for 2 years.

They are totally new with 1 or 2 charging cycles, although they may have a small scratch on the tube or base.

Characteristics and improvements of the new BOOSTER PLUS

New controller: The BOOSTER PLUS has been designed around the new Controller, in which the Central Control Unit has been updated. It allows accelerating smoothly and progressively and braking harder and at a shorter distance. Therefore, when the accelerator is activated, the thrust is progressive, avoiding jerks. The maximum speed is still 30 km / h, and the torque is 15 Nm.


New charging connector: The BOOSTER PLUS includes a new charger and an improved charging port, which is not only waterproof, but also allows the charger to be inserted in a simpler and safer way, thus protecting the chargers from load.

New display: The BOOSTER PLUS includes a new type of display. It has been updated aesthetically in addition to the micro-software. The battery level it shows now is much more accurate. The new screen allows you to adjust the cruising speed in an easier way. The new BOOSTER model attaches an instruction manual on the display.

Thicker platform: The platform has been modified to be thicker so that we achieve two objectives: Accommodate the side reflectors. -Babybattery of the largest battery. Allowing an easier extraction.

Side and rear reflectors: The BOOSTER PLUS has 4 reflectors, 2 on each side, so it is easier to see and therefore increases its safety against traffic.

New controller support: Modification of the design allows the controller to be assembled and disassembled more easily.

Technical specifications BOOSTER PLUS

·         Lithium Polymer Battery Li-Po 33V- 6.5Ah with a charging time of only 3 and a half hours.
·         500W DC Brushless Motor
·         Regenerative braking. Digital display, light with 6 leds.
·         High quality folding electric scooter, with a range of up to 30 km and a maximum speed of 30 km / h. With 10.8 kg is the lightest high-performance electric scooter on the market.
·         Extremely resistant aluminum chassis, with anti-corrosion treatment.


The lightest and most powerful high performance electric scooter on the market!

Its 500w motor will allow you to climb steep slopes.

In 3 seconds you will have your e-twow folded and its size and lightness will allow you to take it comfortably on the bus, on the subway, in the trunk of your car and store it in any corner

• Motor type: Motor Brushless DC 33 Volts
• Maximum power: 500 W
• Maximum speed: 30 Km / h
• Autonomy: 25-30 km
• Battery: Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 33 V- 6.5Ah
• Charging time: 2 to 3h
• Chassis: Aluminum 6061 T6 high strength
• Total weight (battery included): 10.8 Kg
• Transmission: Brushless motor on the front wheel.
• Length: 94 cm
• Width: 13.5 cm
• Height: from 107 to 116 cm




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